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Thursday 11/18/21 to Tuesday 11/30/21

To celebrate the debut of Grand Tournament, WWE Champions will provide Twitch Drops to WWE Champions content creators and to Grand Tournament Competitors who stream during their Matches.

How it works

  • Link your account

Log into Twitch on this website. We’ll send the reward to the email address connected to your Twitch account.

  • Watch streams on Twitch

Watch participating live streams on Twitch during the event. Make sure you see the Twitch Drops message in the stream chat. Some of your favorite WWE Champions content creators and Grand Tournament Competitors have been invited.

  • Get rewards

Go to participating WWE Champions streams to get Codes that can be redeemed WWE Champions Web Coins based on the amount of time you watch.


Get up to 480 Web Coins:

30 minutes - 80 web coins

60 minutes - 80 web coins

90 minutes - 80 web coins

120 minutes - 80 web coins

150 minutes - 80 web coins

180 minutes - 80 web coins 

The Reward is automatically sent to your email as a Promo Code after you claim it in the Inventory section on Twitch.

Redeem your Promo Codes at in the Special Offers section.

All Promo Codes associated with this Grand Tournament Twitch Drops offer will expire on 12/17/2021. All rewards are subject to our terms and conditions.


Which streamers do I have to watch to get Twitch Drops rewards?


Go to live WWE Champions Drops streams and join one of them.

Am I guaranteed to get the reward after watching a stream from one of the streamers?


Yes, if you watch a live WWE Champions stream, you will receive the reward. Don’t forget to claim the reward in the Inventory section.

How will I know if I have received a reward?


Once you get a reward, you will see a notification in Twitch. Go to the Inventory section and claim your item. After that, you will receive an email with the reward code.

Can I get the same reward multiple times?


No, the rewards do not repeat. Technically, all the rewards are different, so you can earn six rewards maximum.

Does watching a recorded stream (VOD) count?


No, you get rewards only if you watch the live stream.

Do I have to watch a single WWE Champions live stream in one go to earn a reward?


No, you can watch any live WWE Champions stream from any of the Drops-streamers in multiple sittings, and even switch between streamers.

How do I redeem my Promo Codes?


Redeem your Promo Codes at in the Special Offers section using these steps:

1) Log into

2) Navigate to Special Offers

3) Click the “Redeem Code” link located on the upper righthand side of the page

4) Type in a Code you received when prompted

Note: All Promo Codes associated with this Grand Tournament Twitch Drops offer will expire on 12/17/2021.